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Try our range of blends created by Gimoka Artisans for the HoReCa (hotel / restaurant / catering) channel and the Cafeteria. At Gimoka, we always strive to bring the perfect rich aroma using our special roasting method. We take into account a whole lot of factors including geographical location of our original beans, experience of our growers, techniques of our roasters, etc. Our carefully selected beans are roasted to perfection and then analyzed by Gimoka artisans in order to find the best combination between fragrance, aroma, flavour, acidity and body. Once they reach our high quality standards they are ready to reach you.  


Selected Beans Is What Makes Our Final Products So Unique

We roast our beans according to the traditional Italian roasting practice. And Gimoka superior quality packaging guarantee to preserve the full aroma and flavour. Coffee begins to lose flavour within minutes of grinding, so the best way to take advantage of the maximum taste it's trying to grind them just before brewing. Gimoka beans are a unique opportunity to try an Italian beans, the one you can not find in the regular store near your location. We bring the true italian taste in your home. Rich-aroma product technology is what we have been using for over 3 decades and we will continue in doing so for many, many years from now. Our artisans use their skills to select the best fresh material from the original source. Enjoying a fresh cup of coffee each and every morning has been a tradition for many of the UK natives. Having a brain-push is something that many of us require in order to have a smooth working day, and that's what our products are made for. Unlike many other competitors, Gimoka Coffee management team has the ability to deliver a great price on our range of products combined with high quality standarts.


Variety describes perfectly coffee products around the world
Know the real esence of Arabica species

Never is too late to try a different supplier. That's why we brought you to our site: to give you the opportunity to buy beans online at cheaper price than most of our competitors. Even if we do offer affordable products, we ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with the quality of our deliveries. Relying on the fact that the first ever coffee-house opened in Venice in 1683, we aim to bring the italian tradition here in the U.K. with a big range of high-quality products. *Our beans are suitable for use both for house or professional machines

Enjoying tasteful beans has never been so easier - Try Gimoka for a unique experience

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