coffee-berries-beans-cultivationThe very first step in coffee production is the selection process: whether bought directly from local farmers or through the exchange market, Gimoka teams are constantly looking for the best available coffee grains in the market. Gimoka tasters regularly travel to coffee-growing countries to talk directly with producers and the tasting process continues all the way to its final test, just before Gimoka coffee leaves the warehouse. Every delivery is carefully analyzed to guarantee an optimal quality control.


coffee-blend-beans-aromas-gimokaAfter selection, we combine various coffee species to achieve the optimal blend for you: rich, full-bodied and balanced for a perfect and delicious taste. Gimoka blending experts have a long and extensive experience in mixing coffee with different aromas and origins, primarily from the following countries: Brazil, Columbia, Santo Domingo, Guatemala for the Arabica coffee beans and Madagascar, Cameroon, Ivory Coast for the Robusta coffee beans.


The next step in coffee production is the roasting: a combined process of drying and firing, whose aim is to exalt coffee’s natural flavour and aroma. To enhance the fragrance of its coffee, Gimoka uses the most advanced technologies, including pioneering software that ensures that coffee is always roasted at the optimal temperature.



Storing coffee correctly is extremely important: light, air and moisture are its three main enemies. A few minutes of air exposure are enough to damage coffee’s aroma and, after twelve hours, up to 50% of its flavour is gone. That’s why, after years of experience, Gimoka uses a sophisticated recyclable, pressurized packaging technique which guarantees that coffee’s fresh taste and rich aroma are preserved, especially for our innovative coffee pods system.

This is why our Nespresso compatible capsules and Lavazza compatible capsules are the only real and cheaper alternative to Nespresso and Lavazza coffee systems.

International Featured Standards FoodBRC Food Certificate

This systematic and thorough process is the best way to guarantee the quality of Gimoka coffee and to deliver you the ultimate coffee experience.


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