coffee-growing-exporting-flavour-areaThere are three primary coffee growing and exporting areas, all in the equatorial regions: Central and South America, Africa and the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. These regions have the optimal conditions to cultivate coffee beans: high altitudes, moist and tropical climate, rich soils, and temperatures around 21 Celsius degrees. Similar to wine growing regions, each coffee region has different characteristics that affects coffee’s flavour.

coffee-berries-beans-aroma-aromaticCoffees from Latin America are generally light to medium bodied, with clean, sweeet, lively aromatic flavors. Pacific coffees from Indonesia have full body and smooth flavor, with low acidity and occasionally herbal flavour notes, while coffees from Vietnam are known for their medium bodied light flavor. Finally, coffees of East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula often combine the crisp, clean acidity found in Latin American coffees with intense floral aroma and enticing fruit or wine flavors (fully flavored and full bodied).


Top coffee producer are Brazil (mainly Arabica but Robusta as well), Vietnam (Robusta), Indonesia (Robusta), Colombia (Arabica), India (Robusta) and Ethiopia (Arabica).



As counter-intuitive as it may be, the countries drinking most coffee per capita are in the European Nordic regions: Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and the Netherlands. And, if you were wondering…Italy is not even in the top 10, with less coffee consumption than Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. 

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