Coffee has four main enemies: heat, moisture, oxygen and time. Coffee should be stored in a dry place (never store coffee in a fridge) and should be kept away from direct sunlight or any other hot place. Coffee should have minimal contact with oxygen to minimise oxidization (coffee loosing pleasant aroma and gains undesirable flavour): coffee should be packed immediately after roasting and consumed as quickly as possible after a pack is opened.

Coffee capsules kill all the main coffee enemies! Immediately after roasted and grounded, our coffee is sealed in capsules: an oxygen and moister-free environment, keeping our coffee always fresh and giving a much longer life than coffee stored in other traditional ways.  

The capsule technology is based on forcing hot but not boiling water at high pressure through a few narrow needles in the capsule, similarly to a traditional espresso machine. You need good, even, fine grind to produce good espresso as the water should drip evenly through the coffee.


The correct grind will produce a very thin coffee stream, sometimes even dripping. Ideally, to fill an espresso cup should take about 20 - 25 seconds. Less than 10 to 12 seconds is not enough ("under-extraction") to infuse the coffee properly and obtained a balanced up, while anything above 35 seconds will produce very strong and bitter coffee ("over-extraction").

Coffee capsule technology is constantly developing, and Gimoka is a leading player in this field, constantly working on new extractions systems to provide an even better experience at every cup. Gimoka compatible capsules and pods are based on a dual system with an innovative and patented dual phase filter system with a cavity at the back of the capsule which guarantee a perfect extraction, with an optimal brewing time of approximately 20 to 30 seconds to fill a 40ml espresso cup. Moreover, our compatible capsules are made with recyclable materials

Once you try our Nespresso® compatible capsules and Lavazza® compatible capsules, you will never go back.

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