There are endless ways to prepare coffee. Not only because there are several coffee makers, but also because the coffee culture has spread around the world. Let's see some exciting recipes for your daily coffee:

Simple and Delicious

italian-espresso-coffee-compatible-capsules-nespressoEspresso: strong coffee shot with a layer of foam on top known as a crema. It is made by brewing finely ground compacted coffee with very hot pressurized water. It can be short (ristretto), long (lungo – French style) or double. The word express has several meaning: ‘expressing’ as extracting the flavor, ‘expressly’ as made individually and directly for you, ‘express’ as fast.

Some tips to produce an optimal espresso, including using our Lavazza® a modo mio capsules, Nespresso® coffee pods, Gimoka Capsules or Ground Coffee:

  • Keep your coffee machines as clean as possible as residual coffee anywhere in the brew system will turn bad quickly and spoil every espresso you make
  • Use good mineral water as if the water does not taste good, then you have already messed up with 50% of your coffee ingredients
  • Warm up properly the machine and the cup before making your espresso, even by producing a couple of espresso shots without coffee to warm up every part of your machine properly

Espresso macchiato: espresso coffee with a shot of steamed milk foam on top

cappuccino-mocha-latte-how-to-recipeCappuccino: a shot of espresso, some hot milk and steamed milk foam on top

Latte: similar to a cappuccino but ‘more milky’ (more hot milk and less steamed milk foam)

Mocha: cappuccino or latte with chocolate (either chocolate syrup or cocoa powder)

Flat white: single or double espresso with microfoam (steamed milk from the bottom of a pitcher), so similar to a latte with less milk

American / filter coffee:  single or double espresso with hot water

Spicy and Energetic!

Caffé corretto: a strong Italian espresso with a shot of liquor, typically grappa, sambuca or cognac.


Turkish: Add to a pot roasted coffee beans, very finely grinded (the finer the better!) and, depending on your taste, add sugar and cardamom. Let it boil up to four times and then served it in a cup where the grounds are allowed to settle. Resulting coffee will be a perfect Turkish coffee: black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.


irish-coffee-how-to-frappeIrish: Start with a cup of dark strong coffee, add Irish whiskey and brown sugar and stir well. Slowly add cold double cream gently on top. Job done, the best-known of all coffee cocktails is ready!

Frappé: instant coffee with ice, sugar, milk and some cream. Firstly made in Greece, it is a frothy, refreshing drink, with many variations, some adding liquor or a dollop of ice cream to it. Best way to enjoy it is in an outdoor café during warm season.

Party and Wild


Espresso Martini: put into a shaker filled with ice a cold espresso, vodka, Kahlua coffee liqueur, white creme de cacao. Shake it energetically and strain into chilled martini glass. For an additional stylish touch, add a few coffee beans on top!

Brazilian Coffee: shake together a shot of cachaça or rum, a spoon of single cream, small spoon of sugar, an espresso coffee and some ice. Strain into an iced filled glass with, depending on your taste, a sprinkle of ground cinnamon. By the way, did you know the today Brazil is the top coffee producer in the world?


espresso-bellini-coffee-how-to-recipeEspresso Bellini: In a small saucepan combine the sugar and espresso over medium heat. Stir until the sugar dissolves, about 5 minutes. Place the chocolate in a small bowl. Pour the sugar and espresso mixture over the chocolate and let sit until the chocolate melts, about 3 minutes. Add the coffee liqueur and stir to combine. Place the chocolate mixture in the freezer for 10 minutes to cool.Place the chocolate mixture in a pitcher and add the Prosecco. Gently stir to combine. Pour into chilled glasses and serve.

Coffee Royale: Mix in a cup a small amount of coffee with sugar, add some brandy or bourbon and fill the cup with hot coffee. Stir gently and add some whipped cream on top.

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