Taste a Real Italian Coffee at home or in the office

ESE 44mm (Easy Serving Espresso)

Gimoka ESE COFFEE PODS are espresso coffee packaged in a 44mm paper pods compatible with all coffee machines that use Easy Serving Espresso (E.S.E.) standards.

Sold in a box of 18 single serving pods are available in three different blends: Gran Bar, Gran Festa and Gran Relax (Decaffeinated).

Why shoud I try Gimoka Easy Serving Espresso Coffee Pods?

ESE Coffee Pods stands for Easy Serving Espresso, as its name indicates it's one of the easiest ways to get a real espresso at home or in the office.

Like our Lavazza and Nespresso compatible capsules, ESE pods can be used to simplify the preparation of a good espresso using just a few simple actions, thanks to the adoption of the serving.

Gimoka ESE pods reduce the time you need to brew the coffee and simplify the entire brewing process.

Simplicity, freshness and convenience

It's really simple to use: you don't need a coffee grinder, Gimoka Easy Serving Espresso paper pod contains 6,7 grams of coffee compressed inside a two-sided, disk-shaped paper pod, perfectly measured, ground and tamped ready to be placed into your E.S.E. Coffee machine and get the perfect espresso.

Gimoka pods are the results of many years of experience in the coffee pod business.

Each pod is individually sealed and packed, so the freshness of the product is guaranteed in order to preserve the taste and flavour intact until the day you brew it.

Enviromentaly friendly

Our E.S.E. pods are the expression of a longstanding experience in mixing different coffee varieties carefully selected from all around the world to ensure the perfect ad genuine Italian espresso coffee in every cup.

They not only guarantee the best result but also the best way to preserve the enviroment.

Paper coffee pods such as those used in Easy Serving Espresso Pod have a big benefit, they are fully biodegradable product that can decompose naturally.


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