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Strenght 8, medium

Gimoka Ginseng Coffee is a drink where a high quality blend meets the energy of the ginseng extract under a long lasting bronze cream.

Each box contains 30 single serving capsules.

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Ginseng is an Asian herb that has been used for centuries for its purported health and vitality benefits. Ideal anytime of the day you need an added kick of energy and flavour!

Gimoka Espresso System 32mm capsules delivers the ultimate coffee experience: Gimoka capsule system is an easy and convenient way to brew a perfect coffee with a rich and creamy aroma as served in the best Italian cafeterias. Gimoka capsules can be used on the following coffee machines: Beauty, Kelly and ItalyCup.

Gimoka’s capsules system is the result of our longstanding coffee experience and passion: to guarantee products of the highest quality, Gimoka’s experts select the finest arabica and robusta beans from the best coffee plantations across the world, roast them at their state-of-the-art production plant and package them to preserve the original aroma and taste.

The Gimoka Espresso System capsules come in seven different blends and are sold in boxes of 30 single-serving capsules:

  • Gran Bar: Intense flavour - Strength 10
  • Gran Festa: Delicate flavour - Strength 8
  • Colombia: 100% Arabica certified by Cafe de Colombia - Strength 6
  • Gran Relax: Decaffeinated coffee - Strength 7
  • Diamante CaffeSi: Multi-origin Arabica blend - Strength 7
  • Ginseng Coffee: Coffee with ginseng extract - Strength 8
  • Barley Coffee
    Price per Capsule 28p
    Intensity 8
    Blend Ginseng
    Coffee per Capsule 7gr
    Roast Medium (Medium Body)
    Capsules Per Box 30
    Package Dimension (mm) 265 x 180 x 80
    Capsules Type 32mm
    System Compatibility Gimoka Espresso Italia

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