The perfect blends for the most exigent coffee lovers

Gimoka blends are a result of employing the most advanced technology and long standing experience in blending the individual coffee varieties, selected from all around the world, roasting them according to the traditional Italian artisan practice, gently grounding and packaging to preserve the aroma and flavour as long as possible.

We know that moisture and oxygen are the enemies of freshness, and that's because our package process is made just right after the grounding process.

Gimoka Ground coffee is available in a range of fine ground coffee blends created by Gimoka Artisans to match the tastes of the most exigent coffee lovers.

They are suitable for use with coffee brewer, cafetiere, moka pots.

And available in the following blends: Gran Gusto, Gran Gala, Gran Relax and 100% Arabica.

Gimoka is a unique Italian choice. Enjoy an Italian coffee that you don't find in your local retail and grocery stores, and if not satisfied we guarantee your money back.

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