A trustworthy and first class alternative to Lavazza Espresso Point Capsules

Gimoka compatible pods are the best alternative for your Lavazza coffee machines, they provide a real Italian espresso both for the office and home, avaiable for the following models: EP 800, EP 850, EP 950, EP 2100, EP 2302, EL 3200, EP 1800 TIME and all coffee machines that uses Lavazza Espresso capsules.

Our compatible capsules are available in four different blends: Gran Bar (coffee streght 10), Gran Festa (coffee streght 8), 100% Arabica (coffee streght 6) and Gran Relax (coffee intensity 7; decaffeinated).

Taste them all and discover which one mostly satisfies the coffee blend and flavour that you're looking for.

Gimoka compatible pods are sold in a box of 50 single serving capsules.

Specialist in coffee, coffee capsules and coffee pods!

Our compatible capsules represent the combination of the latest capsule and pod technology and the passion of Gimoka artisans for traditional Italian coffee. Thanks to the capsule system now you can enjoy our real espresso easily at home.

Besides, all parameters of pressure, temperature and coffee extraction have been regarded in order to guarantee the best quality and reliable method to obtain the professional espresso that any customer deserves.

Gimoka Espresso Point compatible coffee capsules and pods are the expression of a longstanding experience in mixing different coffee varieties carefully selected from all around the world to ensure the perfect ad genuine Italian espresso coffee in every cup.

Is this just another Lavazza Espresso Point compatible capsule?

Of course not! Gimoka coffee capsules and pods are the results of many years of experience in the capsule and pod business. Gimoka capsules simply delivers the perfect coffee extraction to give you the ultimate coffee experience, and rappresent and easy and affordable option to you and your coffee machine.

The espresso coffee is dispensed into Gimoka's state of the art capsule system, fully recyclable.

Why should I try these compatible capsules?

It is quite simple: Gimoka pods give you better coffee at better and cheaper prices! These compatible capsules are the more affordable and convenient choice.

Take advantage of our great discount packages for our products. And remember, whenever you spend £40 on a single order you qualify forfree delivery!

Besides, every time you buy Gimoka compatible capsules and pods you collect coffee beans for free orders with our Gimoka Coffee Beans Loyalty Program.


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