100 Mixed Bundled Aluminium Collection

5 Blends,100 Capsules in Aluminium compatible with Nespresso home system

- 20 CLASSICO: Intense nuances for a full-flavoured coffee, enhanced by a medium-dark roast , showing aromas of spices and unsweetened cocoa.
- 20 RISTRETTO: A well-balanced coffee with notes that reminds to chocolate, characterized by a dark roast.
- 20 SUBLIME: A medium-light roasted, velvety coffee, with almond scents
- 20 COLOMBIA: Due to its single origin, the typical acidity of this coffee is heightened, although it is balanced by a medium roast, citrus nuances and caramel and yellow-fleshed fruit aromas.
- 20 BRAZIL: A full-bodied single-origin coffee showing aromas of dried fruit and milk chocolate, in addition to hints of fruit, whose perfect balance is guaranteed by a medium roast.

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