Us at Gimoka Coffee UK love using coffee pods and capsules every day. Our coffee tastes amazing, anyone can pick their own taste and type, and it's just enough for one cup. Having such a big selection every day is simply amazing and makes us feel special but, oh, it takes up space! Sometimes it's even hard to find the capsule you want in a massive pile of different capsules and it is very frustrating before that first morning coffee.

That's why we decided to do some research and find some storage solutions for organizing and storing coffee pods and capsules. Internet is full of creative people and ideas, so we picked 5 of our favorites and put them in an infographic with short tutorials. Most of these you can make at home in a day, and some you can just buy at the store.

Pull-out drawer under the machine

This storage solution is made for smaller kitchens with less counter space. It asks for a drawer sturdy enough to support your coffee pod machine. This is something you can buy in most DIY and container stores, or order online. You can also use an old drawer you might have at home, or some kind of box made out of very sturdy cardboard. Drawers will look especially good if they are made out of transparent plastic.

Reuse old cookie or cake tins

This DIY storage solution asks for some tools and supplies. We found this amazing tutorial on It makes a stacked storage and can store a lot of capsules and pods. You will need:

  •        Cookie tins
  •        Threaded metal rod
  •        A base
  •        A drill
  •        2 nuts and washer for each cookie tin


  1.      Drill holes into the centers of cookie tins and base large enough to fit the threaded rod.
  2.      Place metal rod on the base and secure with a nut and washer.
  3.      Thread on a nut a few inches above from the base and add the largest tin, secure with washer.

Repeat for all other tins, allowing enough space in between.

Glass jars

You will be done with this DIY in less than 5 minutes! If you have glass jars at home, of course. If you don't, you can find glass jars in many stores. Make sure they are big enough to store your capsules, or have more if needed. Add ribbons for decoration :) You can use other similar items like flower pots or buckets.

Over-the-door organizer

If you have a door in your kitchen or pantry, this is the DIY for you! Get one of those cheap over-the-door organizers and hang it over nearby door, or even cabinet door if you trimm it down. People usually use these to store shoes or bathroom accessories, but possibilities are infinite. You can store a lot of stuff in these racks!

Special storage solutions

As for everything, there is a special solution for storing coffee pods and capsules. They are usually metal stands that look pretty good on any kitchen countertop, but could be a bit pricey.

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