The most commonly used coffee maker. They are very simple to operate: very hot water from the coffee machine's tank drips slowly through a ground coffee filter and infused in a separate coffee thermos pot which keep the coffee warm.


Not so commonly used anymore, this coffee maker is similar to a kettle with water at the bottom a ground coffee holder at the top. As the water at the bottom warms up, it is pushed up through a vertical tube and then comes back down infusing through the coffee filter. The process continuously repeated and the result is a strong, full bodied coffee.


Very popular in Italy, this machine was created in Italy itself around 1930. Water placed at the bottom gets warmed up and the steam is then pushed through ground coffee.


Designed for the first time in Italy before 1900, these machines produce a much stronger coffee than filtered machines. When the water reaches the right pressure and temperature, it is pushed through the ground coffee. Espresso machines can be steamed or pump operated (the latter frequently used nowadays in bars). It is typically operated with ground coffee but can also be bean-to-cup where coffee beans are directly grinded in the machine. Of course, you can also use ESE 44 paper coffee pods to make your life easier!


Place the ground coffee (adjust the quantity to your desired strength) and hot water together, stir the coffee and leave it to brew for a few minutes. When ready, use the filter to push the ground coffee to the bottom.


An espresso machine where hot water is forced through disposable hermetically sealed coffee capsules and pods containing ground coffee. Coffee capsules are the easiest way to bring delicious espresso to your home or office.

Making a good espresso is a difficult art that involves many different tasks: coffee pods ensure that your espresso will always be fresh, consistently tasty, without all the work that is normally required to go from ground coffee beans to brewed coffee.

Coffee pods contain a pre-portioned serving of coffee, ready to be infused with water. They fit espresso machines conveniently so that your espresso will be ready by just pressing a button on your machine. Once your coffee has been brewed, our environmentaly friendly capsules and pods can be discarded, just like a teabag. So brewing is quick and easy, and no dirt at all is produced.

Gimoka guarantees the latest technologies to bring the best Nespresso® compatible capsules and Lavazza® compatible pods in the market.

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