With over 30 years of history, Gimoka has a long tradition in the Italian coffee market. Today, our premium coffee products are available in the best Italian cafés and now also in UK!

Thanks to our advanced extraction system, our pods are the Italian alternative to Nespresso capsules and Lavazza capsules! Check our saving Nespresso coffee capsules packages!

The Source Matters – What we believe makes a great coffee product.

Gimoka Coffee is always on a mission of finding the richest sources of flavored coffee beans. We believe in high standards so that’s why we take into account geographical location and climate in which our source product is grown.

What makes us stand out from other coffee suppliers is the ability to understand that the art of crafting the best coffee requires a lot of dedication and understanding of the roasting process.

We bring Italian coffee taste to each home and table. Gimoka Coffee contains what we believe is the best combination of aroma and taste for a rich cup of distinctive coffee. 

What could be a cheaper alternative to Nespresso® capsules?

Our innovative product – Gimoka capsules, are compatible with most coffee machines using Nespresso pods. These capsules will work perfectly well with your coffee machine to give you the perfect Italian espresso coffee, latte or cappuccino!

Also, we offer a wide range of ground coffee, coffee beans and Gimoka capsule systems which can be used with most of the coffee brewers and moka pots. These also come in a number of blends including Gran Gusto, Gran Gala, Gran Relax and 100% Arabica.

Why we might be the best choice in choosing your personal range of coffee products?

  • We offer only authentic Italian coffee, capsules and pods
  • On each order above £19.99 we offer free delivery for the products
  • We use Paypal as well as all the major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Visa Debit, Debit MasterCard and Maestro

Gimoka Coffee products are a unique opportunity to taste the unique flavor of the rich Italian coffee. We provide both to homes and businesses. If you are interested in our products, you can reach out to our contact page or drop us a message at info@gimokacoffee.co.uk.

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