Vellutato 100% Arabica

Pods Compatible With Nespresso® Professional coffee machines for home use

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  • Intensity 8

100% Arabica. A fragrant mix of the best quality Arabica beans characterized by delicious notes of chocolate and fruit. The intensity of the roast makes for a full-bodied espresso with a soft crema.
COMPOSITION: 100% Arabica.
ROAST PROFILE : Medium-Dark.
ORIGINS: Brasil, Colombia, Honduras Arabica.

50 Coffee pods


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Soave Decaffeinated

Soave Decaffeinated

SystemPods Nespresso® Professional
CategoryCompatible coffee pods
Net weight 6.00 Grams
Formats 50 Coffee pods
IngredientsRoasted and ground coffee, packed in a modified atmosphere in pods. Store in a cool, dry place.