Capsules Compatible With Nescafè® Dolce Gusto® coffee machines for home use

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From the harmonious encounter between a soft cloud of milk and the delicate pleasure of coffee, a creamy cappuccino with a perfect and consistent foam is born. Each pack of 16 capsules contains 8 coffee capsules and 8 milk capsules. To make a cappuccino, you need one capsule of coffee and one capsule of milk.

16 capsules

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96 capsules

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SystemCapsules NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto®
CategoryCapsule Compatible Drinks
Net weight 10.25 Grams
Formats 16 capsules, 96 capsules
IngredientsROAST AND GROUND COFFEE AND POWDER MIX FOR WHITE DRINK, PACKED IN A PROTECTIVE ATMOSPHERE IN CAPSULES. Store in a cool, dry place. Ingredients: Milk Capsule: A Base powder (glucose syrup, unhydrogenated coconut oil, stabilizers: E340, E452; milk protein, anti-caking agent: E551; emulsifier: E472e; colour: E160a), skimmed milk powder (24%), whey powder, sugar, dextrose, whey proteins, anti-caking agent: E551; salt. Coffee Capsule: A Roasted coffee (Coffee beans from non-EU countries).


1699.00 KJ
406.00 KCAL
14.10 g di cui saturi 8.70 g 48.40 g di cui zuccheri 27.80 g 12.50 0.81


357.00 KJ
84.00 KCAL
3.00 g di cui saturi 2.70 g 12.50 g di cui zuccheri 5.80 g 1.90 0.17