Pods compatible with Senseo®

With Senseo® compatible pods you can have an authentic Italian coffee at very affordable prices!! 100% produced and packaged in Italy by Gimoka with a lot of attention to sustainability and quality standards reflected in its supplied chain BRC certified.
The Senseo coffee pods are packs of 48 pads each. These coffee pads are ideal to drink with to drink with or without milk or to make your cappuccino. You can also use our mug size pods to make two continental sized cups of coffee. At Gruppo Gimoka roasting factory in Italy every single phase of the production process is planned, carried out and monitored accurately in order to obtain the best results in every cup of coffee, whether you drink it in a coffeeshop or at your home.

Compatible coffee pods

Strong / Dark Roast Senso Coffee Pods

Intense and full-bodied blend. Aroma reminds to notes of chocolate and toasted bread. Ideal in a coffee mug with or without milk.Ground Coffee in bags is optimized to guarantee the...

Intensity: 12


48 Coffee pods


14p each pod